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The Wand 

Pain Free Injections Using The STA Wand

Our practice is committed to providing you with the latest and best advances in dentistry.
That is why we can offer anaesthesia with The Wand, a unique new technology.

What can you expect with The Wand?
The Wand is a computer unit and looks like a modern piece of equipment, unlike an old fashioned syringe.
Your dentist can choose to numb up just one tooth resulting in no numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip. This will allow you to smile and drink immediately after the appointment.
Should more teeth require to be anaesthetised, techniques only available with The Wand can result in far fewer injections.
Some patients say that they didn’t notice they had received an injection.

How does it Work?
The Wand uses a small handpiece that looks like a pen and is therefore looks less threatening.
The Wand gives a supply of anaesthetic in a slow comfortable manner, and thus eliminating
the painful consequence caused by a surge of fluid into a confined tissue area.
A separate charge (£15 per visit) is payable for use of The Wand for all patients. Hear patient comments.

Other Treatment

We also provide cosmetic treatments that are not available under the NHS:
• white fillings in teeth at back of mouth
• white crowns in teeth at back of mouth
• tooth whitening
• superior aesthetic crowns, veneers and dentures
• sports mouthguards

We are delighted to discuss all treatment options available and provide a full estimate
prior to treatment.

Private Fee Scale:

Examination: £45, Xrays: From £5.00, Simple Scale & Polish: £25, White Filling: From £55; Amalgam Filling: From £25, Root Treatment: From £135; Basic Extraction: £45; Crowns: From £350; Complete Dentures: From £265 Tooth Whitening (full mouth): From £200






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